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The founder of Tailim Timber was Pimol Chirananon or Tailim. His Chinese name was Tai and Lim was surname. Tai in Chinese means big while Lim means forest or wood. Pimol named his timber business under his Chinese name as TAILIM which means Big Forest. In early years Pimol lived by Prawet canal in Bangkok, he started business by selling charcoal and bamboo on boat along the canal. He worked in the sawmill and started to be timber broker for a few years then he opened his own timber store at Sukumvit 62 and at the same time he owned  2 fishing vessels for commercial fishing around Samutprakarn, gulf of Thailand.

In 1967 Pimol bought property at Klong Tamru, Chonburi, and set up shipyard to do yearly maintainence for his fishing vessels which turned to be his new business “Jirawatana Boatyard” to build fishing boats and yachts, and set up “Tailim Timber” here as well. Jirawatana Boatyard built commercial fishing boats and yachts and Tailim timber expert in milling all kinds of solid wood for boats, trucks and houses.

After Pimol passed away in 1995, Pranee Chirananon managed the business, she carried on timber business but suspended the boatyard. We are expertise in wood floor, stairs, making window and doors. Thinking of adding more value to our solid wood, in 2006 Tailim started to make outdoor furniture. We started from scrap, getting idea from DIY, developed and added more details to DIY solid wood furniture to make them strong, solid and durable outdoor furniture.

In 2011, Prakasit Yamboonchoo, architect took part as Tailim’s designer and consultant, he designed contemporary armchair, sofa and coffee table. The design focused mainly on “functions and forms” with strong furniture structure, pay attention to agronomy details of every piece that he designed. From that year onwards, Prakasit leads our design and core value to good quality, unique solid wood handmade furniture to our customers for years.




At the present moment, the main business of Tailim provides good quality of solid wood for wood floor, stairs, making customized windows and doors and also make solid wood furniture. For 13 years, we produced chairs, armchairs, sofas, coffee tables, benches, dining tables, beds and all kinds of solid wood products for our customers with value of wood quality and craftsmanship.



Prachaub Siripallop

Master Carpenter at Tailim Timber & Furniture since 1970s

Panprapa Tantivitayapitak

CEO of Tailim Timber & Furniture / Interior And Furniture Designer

Pranee Chirananon

Founder of Tailim Timber & Furniture

Carlo Convertini

Italian Chief Designer of Tailim Timber & Furniture / Interior And Furniture Designer / Design Professor

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